Sunday, August 12, 2007

XP Entertainments - New AV Killer Trojan

XP Entertainments is probably a new variant of AvKiller trojan. As of now, only few AV's detect the malicious files.
The dropper - named U.exe - drops following files/folders:
\program files\SoftPortal

Registry entries created by the trojan:

"BasePath"="C:\\Program Files\\SoftPortal\\"

Above-mentioned files contain references to following malicious websites (Do NOT visit these sites):

Last two links listed above redirect to, which is the home of rogue software - ExpertAntivirus.

The trojan also adds an Add/Remove Programs entry called XP Entertainments, as shown in below screen shot:

Following screen shot shows that SoUI.dll is injected into Explorer.exe's address space:

This trojan does not allow various AntiVirus and Firewall software - like ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Microsoft AntiSpyware - to run properly. These programs crash as soon as they are started! Following screen shot shows the fate of ZoneAlarm firewall:

More information about this trojan can be found here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Windows XP default theme missing!"
Hi, I need help on Windows Themes???? I tried everything to start my windows themes but when I try to start the themes from Services it says: Error 126: the specified module could not be found. :( What do I do? plzz help me....its driving me crazyyyyyyy thankz

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Use Linux like Ubuntu escape from M$ Windows menace!

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Nick said...


looks like my XP is/was infected by this trojan (killav)that Trend couldn't removed, (Adaware did something about it but still...). I removed registry entries and deleted the SouI.dll (no head.exe). HOWEVER each time I run IE it tries to connect to but fortunately it gave an invalide address. HOW do I get rid of this command???



4:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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