Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rogue application pretends as Microsoft Antispyware

So far, we have seen various rogue anti-spyware applications doing rounds of the Internet. However, here's one such rogue application that needs to be mentioned! Because, the website that pushes this rogue application calls itself as "Microsoft Antispyware Center"! Layout of this website is identical to old rogue applications like SpyShredder, MalwareMonitor etc. Here's a screenshot of the website:

Not to mention, the "Online Security Scanner" is fake too. The online scanner "detects" few "high" rated threats and urges to remove them all.

And, when a user clicks on "Remove All", a file named Setup.exe hosted at www(dot)liveupdatesnet(dot)com (do NOT visit this site), will be prompted for download.

And, the authors of this rogue application have paid attention to small details like setting the "Company" attribute in file properties to "Microsoft".

Fortunately, this piece of malware is detected pretty well by AVs. Here's a VirusTotal scan result:


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