Sunday, January 13, 2008

MalwareCrush Fake Security Center

Sometime ago, we had seen a rogue application using Microsoft's name in their website (info here). Now MalwareCrush, a new rogue on the block, uses the ISP name of a PC user who visits its webpage. The webpage claims to be a "Security Check Center" belonging to an ISP. This is to dupe PC users who visit the page, by making them to believe that the "Security Check" service is from their ISP. Here are some fake pages which use ISP names like Satyam Infoway, Intergenia AG.:

Nice trick ;)


Blogger Rafal said...

This is so dangerous and doesn't get nearly the type of attention it deserves. Thanks for writing about it. I know that people trust what they tend to see on their screens, especially when it comes from something that looks official like your ISP.

The obvious point here is - what can we do about it, as security professionals, and how do we eliminate this threat? Is there anything we can do besides public education campaigns?

11:36 PM  
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