Saturday, November 22, 2008

eCard worm: The new batch!

After a brief period of inactivity, eCard themed spam mails seem to be back in action. As usual, these mails carry links to malware masqueraded as e-greeting cards. Here are some examples of eCard mails (note that the From header is spoofed):

This eCard malware is a mIRC based backdoor, and most of the AVs detect it. The dropper is actually a SFX file, following screenshot shows files bundled in the dropper:

When run, the dropper installs an mIRC client and also adds a WH_KEYBOARD message hook to log keystrokes. The mIRC client tries to establish connection with remote servers (whois) and (whois). An automated analysis of this malware is avilable at ThreatExpert.


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Here are some tips for "safe ecard practices".

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